CFOs in Franklin County - Period 4

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CFOs in Franklin County - Period 4 by Mind Map: CFOs in Franklin County - Period 4

1. What are CFOs?

1.1. CFO is a confined feeding operation.

1.1.1. Animal must be present for at least 45 days of the year.

1.2. CFOs are used to raise animals for fur, food and pets

1.3. Manure can leak or spill from storage pits, lagoons or tanks Improper application of manure to the land can impair surface or ground water quality

2. What are SMSSs?

2.1. Designed to store large amounts of solid or liquid manure.

2.2. SMSS stands for satellite manure storage structure.

2.2.1. An example of a smss is a manure lagoon which is a man made outdoor earthen basin.

2.3. Regulations of a smss are that they have to be able to hold 1,000,000 gallons of liquid manure.

2.3.1. A smss facility also must be able to hold 5,000 cubic yards of solid manure.

2.4. Smss's are found

3. What are the current CFO regulations?

3.1. Half mile away from residents or farmers mile.

4. What are the proposed changes for CFOs?

4.1. Make the property of a CFO be 1 mile away or further form residents

4.1.1. Any CFO must be 2 miles from any other form of CFO 3 miles from the 775ft flood elevation surrounding brookville lake.

4.2. CFOs are required to have lagoons large enough to store six months to a year's worth of waste

4.2.1. To change manure storage regulations and as a result, Ohio farmers are bringing their excess manure to Indiana

4.3. Any CFO have at least a 40 acre lot

5. How can CFOs affect Brookville Lake?

5.1. Help the growth of Blue Green algea

5.2. Manure from CFOs can add phosphorus and nitrogen which are the building blocks of blue-green algae.

5.3. CFO's can cause blue green algea to grow out of control and hurt the environment.

5.4. Fish and other life in the lake can be harmed if run off from too many CFO's get into the lake

5.4.1. When algae decomposes it takes oxygen from the water and causes other organisms to die

5.5. Fertilizers and manure that come off of the CFO's and drain into the lake could harm the wildlife

6. What environmental concerns are associated with CFOs?

6.1. Pollution of water sources

6.2. Worried about the rise in Blue-Green algea

6.3. It is possible to kill the wildlife and scenery.

6.4. Not much flat land to a build a CFO on.