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Statistics ch1 by Mind Map: Statistics ch1
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Statistics ch1

Is the science of conducting studies to :




Draw conclusion from data


Type of statistics

1- Descriptive statistics

2- inferential statistics

Data : the values that the variables can assume.

Data set : A collection of data values

Data value \ datum : each value in the data set.

Sample ; a group of subjects selected from a population .

The four basic methods of sampling are


درست اطوال ٥٠٠ شخص

Population; consists of all subjects that are being studied.

طلاب الجامعة / متوسط العدد

Variables : a characteristic or attribute that can asuume different vaules.

1- qualitative: variables that have distinct categories according to some characteristics or attribute.

2- quantitative variables

Level Measurement of the data :

Type of statistical studies

Observational study

Experimental study

Uses and misuses of statistics

Suspect sample

Ambiguous average

Changing the subject

Detached statistics

Implied connections

Misleading graph

Faulty survey questions