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Web 2.0 by Mind Map: Web 2.0

1. Blogger

1.1. I have used blogger throughout my coursework, as it is a website that I uploaded all of my work to, so that it is all in one place.

2. Survey Monkey

2.1. I used this site to create a questionnaire to be able to had out to my target audience.

3. Padlet

3.1. I needed to break up the lyrics to my chosen song, so I used this site to spread the lyrics out and find the timings for them.

4. Pinterest

4.1. Pinterest has been used many times. I used it for collecting ideas about Photoshop effects.

5. Thinglink

5.1. For this site I was able to upload an image and then analyse the image, by adding dots to the image.

6. Popplet

6.1. Popplet is another mind mapping software. I used this for my initial ideas mainly.

7. Emaze

7.1. This is a presentation software, and I am going to use this to present my evaluation.

8. Wix

8.1. Allowed me to create my own website.

9. YouTube

9.1. I uploaded my videos to Youtube, to make them accessible to others.

10. Mindmeister

10.1. This is a mind mapping site, which I used to briefly explain each Web 2.0 site.