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Dreaming by Mind Map: Dreaming

1. Effects (Mackenzie)

1.1. Resulting Behavior

1.1.1. Dreams can reflect your stress happiness or sadness you experiences over the day

1.1.2. Greater Memory

1.1.3. Confusion

1.2. Proteins Involved in effects

1.2.1. neucleoproteins

1.2.2. Dopamine Recpetors

1.3. Synthensizers of the Proteins

1.3.1. B-12

1.3.2. Methionine

1.3.3. Serine

1.3.4. Acetylcholine B-5 of B vitamin Chlorine

1.4. Cells STructures involved in output behavior

1.4.1. Surpresses motor activity

1.4.2. actives inhibiton

1.4.3. general activation of central cortex

1.4.4. turning on of visual pathway

1.4.5. physical rapid eye movment

2. Modulation (JB)

2.1. Thelamus

2.1.1. Central Cortex of the Brain sleep wake cycle this is when the REM state can be activated which parts with the limbic system during dream Then the limbic system which is the mid-part of the brain that includes the hippocampus and amygdala that deals with the emotions and motivation and among other things The Brain pulses from the pons region of the brain stem may create the seemingly random shifts in the dream scenery for which dreams are well known for

3. Reception (RJ)

3.1. REM Stage of Sleep

3.2. Protein Receptors

3.2.1. Glutamate

3.2.2. Serotonin

3.2.3. Dopamine

3.3. Stimuli

3.3.1. Received in the Cortex of the Brain Relays stimuli through the sympathetic nervous system Fight or flight response

4. Connections to other Behaviors (Mackenzie)

4.1. This connects to maybe stress or depression because your dreams could be reflectant of events that have happened in your life that were sad or depressing, or maybe you just have a really sad dream that causes you to feel upset or depressed

4.2. It could connect to the feeling of happiness and smiling or generally acting kind. You could have a dream that reflects something that makes you happy, maybe an event that has happened or an event that you dream would happen, which can ultimately out put you to behave in a happy manor