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Sniper by Mind Map: Sniper

1. Names

1.1. Dublin

1.2. Brother- Unclassified

2. Where

2.1. Rooftops

2.2. By O'Connell Bridge

2.3. Between a Street and Houses

3. Event

3.1. Armoured Vehicle Crosses Bridge

3.2. His Enemy across the street aimed

3.3. Dublin doesn't know it is his brother

3.4. Woman runs out and talks to truck

3.5. The opposite sniper has his sights aimed at his head

3.6. He pulls out a cap and places it on top his rifle and parched it over the top where it was high enough to only see the cap

3.7. He shoots and hits the cap

3.8. Dublin peers up high enough and takes a shot and hits the enemy

3.9. Dublin gets hit as well wounded to make a quick examination

3.10. He has killed the enemy

3.11. Dublin lay on top a dark rooftop wounded bleeding rapidly

3.12. He wraps himself up in bandages and some wraps like the cast brands

3.13. He runs across the street while getting shot at by a turret and hailed down bullets he escapes

3.14. He lay down next to the corpse acting as if he was shot and the bullets stop