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Sniper by Mind Map: Sniper

1. Who

1.1. Dublin

1.2. Brother

1.3. Enemy

1.4. Enemy Informant

2. Why

2.1. He had to survive the night

3. Where

3.1. O’Connell Bridge

3.2. On a roof top

3.3. Night time

4. Event

4.1. Lit a cigarette in a dark room

4.1.1. The enemy saw the light and started to fire at him. The sniper is able to shoot The gunner and the Informant. He shoots the gunner but gets hit in his arm wounding him. He has to stop the bleeding and keep it from getting infected so he pours whisky on it and wraps it in field dressing.

4.1.2. A heavy armored car pulls up with a gunner. A women comes out and gives him information on the snipers position.

5. Cause

5.1. He couldnt see very well because it was dark