The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Mind Map: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

1. What more do you think countries could do to protect human rights?

1.1. Countries can exercise the rights better

1.2. Countries can tell people about the rights more

2. What articles do you find most necessary to our society? Why?

2.1. 1st Article

2.1.1. You are born free

2.2. 2nd Article

2.2.1. Entitlement to the rights

2.3. 18th Article

2.3.1. Freedom of beliefs

2.4. 19th Article

2.4.1. Freedom of opinion

2.5. 26th Article

2.5.1. Right to education

3. Do you believe the real world expectations of these rights is realistic or implausible? Why?

3.1. Easy to be understood

3.2. Baseline for peace

3.3. Easy to carry out if everyone participates

4. What Is The Declaration of Human Rights?

4.1. Rights everyone should have

4.2. Created by the general assembly

4.3. Equality

5. What is the importance of this document? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this document?

5.1. Classified Universal

5.1.1. Creates baseline for equality

5.2. Not 100% enforced

6. What articles do you think have been most violated in our society? Why?

6.1. 1st

6.1.1. Born free

6.2. 2nd

6.2.1. Entitlement to the rights

6.3. 5th

6.3.1. Not have cruel/unusual punishment be acted upon

6.4. 12th

6.4.1. Right to privacy

6.5. 13th

6.5.1. Freedom of movement

6.6. 15th

6.6.1. Right to nationality

6.7. 16th

6.7.1. Right to love

6.8. 18th

6.8.1. Freedom to belief

6.9. 19th

6.9.1. Freedom to opinion

6.10. 25th

6.10.1. The right to a substantial living environment and materials

6.11. 30th

6.11.1. Applies to everyone

7. What groups or countries do you think may object to the wording of the document. Why?

7.1. Harshly punishing groups or countries

7.2. Terrorists

7.3. Countries with weaker governments

8. Do you believe the ideas of this document favor democratic governments or non-democratic governments? Why?

8.1. Favors democratic governments

8.1.1. Democratic governments have better abilities to apply the rights

9. What examples, past or present, can you give where human rights have been violated?

9.1. Child Labor

9.2. Terrorism

9.2.1. War on Terror (currently against ISIS)