Competency Mapping

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Competency Mapping by Mind Map: Competency Mapping

1. Code Signing & Certificate

2. QC

2.1. Development Process

2.1.1. Git Workflow

2.1.2. Code Review

2.1.3. Continuous Integration Bamboo

2.1.4. Unit Testing NUnit

2.1.5. Integration Testing Selenium

2.2. Performance Testing

2.2.1. Load Testing InfluxDB Grafana JMeter Blazemeter Perfmon Log Parser

3. Security

3.1. Apps

3.1.1. Penetration Testing Netsparker Burp Kali Linux nmap sqlmap hash-identifier

3.2. Infra

3.2.1. Vulnerability Assessment Netsparker

4. Infra/DevOps

4.1. Scripting

4.1.1. Powershell

4.1.2. Bash

4.1.3. Python

4.2. OS

4.2.1. Source Code Scanning Fortify Scan

4.2.2. Windows

4.3. Linux

4.4. Configuration

4.4.1. Service Server Postfix (SMTP) CrushFTP (SFTP) NTP Linux Repo Active Directory WSUS Network Storage GlusterFS SoftNAS

4.4.2. Web Server IIS Nginx NodeJS

4.4.3. Networking NAT Proxy Cisco

4.4.4. Central Log ELK

4.5. Cloud Computing

4.5.1. Amazon Web Service

5. Development

5.1. Backend

5.1.1. Core C# .NET Web Forms .NET MVC .NET Core 1.0 .NET Web API Entity Framework NodeJS PHP

5.1.2. CMS Sitefinity XBase Sitefinity Sitefinity Custom Membership Sitecore XSitecore SPEAK Modules Wordpress SharePoint Kentico Content Management E-Commerce Social Networking Intranet Online Marketing SWIIT Adobe CQ

5.2. Neat

5.3. Frontend

5.3.1. Web Applications React JS ES6 Redux React Native Angular JS

5.3.2. Scaffolding Frameworks Bitters Bourbon Boilerplates Refined Project Boilerplate React Boilerplate Angular Boilerplate

5.3.3. Workflow & Knowledge Management Front End Issue Tracker Essential Manual Tome of Knowledge

5.3.4. Super Extras and Trends Polymer Vue Js Stacks MEAN MERN Web Assembly Backbone Js RxJS

5.4. Mobile

5.4.1. iOS Core Swift/Objective C iOS SDK Tools Xcode Cocoapods

5.4.2. Android Core Java Android Specific User Interfaces Screen UI Widgets API Connection HTTP Concept Async Task Push Notification Tools Gradle Fabric App Signing Libraries Android Annotation Support Widget Retrofit HTTP Client Volley library Third Party

5.4.3. Firebase Cloud Messaging iOS Android Web

6. Database

6.1. Operation

6.1.1. ElasticSearch

6.1.2. Solr

6.1.3. Relational Database SQL Server MySQL Oracle

6.1.4. NoSQL MongoDB DynamoDB Cassandra

6.1.5. Business Intelligence Tableau SSRS/SSIS/SSAS Hadoop

7. PIT infra coordination (global)

8. EIT Infra coordination (global)

9. PIT core tools lifecycle manager (global)

10. EIT core tools lifecycle manager (global)

11. Data analyst (global)

12. Contract & Assets manager