Poirot solving Murder case.

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Poirot solving Murder case. by Mind Map: Poirot solving Murder case.

1. M.Bouc

1.1. Poirot old friend

1.1.1. works fro train company Helps him get a room

2. Mary Debenham

2.1. returning to england form iraq

2.1.1. English dismissive of Poirot

2.2. dismissive of questions

2.2.1. doesnt want to help solve the murder

2.3. shes very secretive and doesnt share anything during the case

3. Col Arbuthnot

3.1. likes Mary

3.1.1. also dismissive of Poirot retired army

3.2. he's very rude in the interrogation

3.2.1. finds that POirot saying Ms Debenham is the suspect absurd doesn't like americans

4. Princess Dragonmiroff

4.1. horrendous looking lady

4.1.1. old

4.2. H handkerchiefs was hers

4.2.1. real name is natalia apparently h is n in russian

5. Mrs.Hubbard

5.1. only talks about her daughters

5.2. excited to talk about the murderer

5.2.1. murderer was in her compartment

5.3. find knife in her room

6. Murder of Ratchett

6.1. a woman?

6.1.1. person may have been let handed some wounds were mere scratches 3 deadly wounds

6.1.2. pierced through bone.

6.2. two murderers?

6.3. a small dark man with a womanly voice

6.3.1. was in the compartmnet but is deemed not a worker was mentionaed before

6.4. someone was in a kimiono

6.4.1. another had the work outfit on

6.5. Every person on the train associated with the Armstron family

6.5.1. this is no coincidence

7. Cassetti

7.1. murdered the 2 year old Daisy Armstrong

7.1.1. In a gang could've associated with Ratchett

8. Pierre Michael

8.1. worked train station fr over 15 years

8.1.1. button Ms. Hubbard found in her room is his

9. Ratchett

9.1. reserved

9.1.1. wasnt someone you could trust scouted people into working for him

10. Masterman

10.1. Was ratchett's 'maid'.

11. Greta Ohlsson

11.1. Matron in missionary school in Stamboul

11.2. last to see Ratchett alive

11.3. nurse in chage of daisy


13. Count and Countess Andrenyi

13.1. were asleep during the mnurder

14. Mr.Hardman

14.1. American

14.1.1. salesman HE REALLY IS A DETECTIVE

15. Antonio Foscarelli

15.1. italian

15.1.1. talks to much

15.2. weapon used to kill Ratchett may suit to his temper

15.3. a;so knew the armstrong family

15.3.1. was a policemen

16. Hilderadge Schmidt

16.1. was out of her compartment

16.1.1. she didnt see anyone in a dragon kimono

16.2. find work outfit in her room

17. Helena Goldenberg

17.1. LInda Arden younger daughter

17.1.1. couldve associated with Dragomiroff

17.2. is actually COuntess Andrenyi?

17.3. sister of Mrs Armstrong


17.4. never killed ratchett

18. Armstrong Family

18.1. Ratcheet had murdered the daughter

18.1.1. wife died and so did an unborn baby husband killed himself

18.2. sussane was a french maid who killer herself because she was a susupect