Hercule Poirot

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Hercule Poirot by Mind Map: Hercule Poirot

1. Ratchett

1.1. American

1.2. Has many enemies

1.3. Rich

1.4. kidnapped and killed armstrong child

2. American Woman

2.1. Loud

2.2. Never stops talking about her daughter

3. Princess Dragomiroff

3.1. Very ugly

3.2. Old

3.3. was godmother to armstrong mother (mrs armstrong)

3.4. Deep voice

3.5. She has a maid and her maid's name is Hildegarde Schmidt, she's been her maid for fifteen years and completely trusts her

3.6. Blue satin dressing gown

4. M. Bouc

4.1. Old friends of Poirot

4.2. Works for a train company

4.3. Seems to think either a woman or a LAtin person had committed the crime.

4.4. He believes a big italian committed the crime, he says "an italian's weapon is a knife and he stabs not once, but several times"

4.5. He's leaning towards thinking it was Cassetti because that is an Italian name

5. Dr. Contanstine

5.1. Quick to judge anybody or anything

6. Wagon Lit Conductor

6.1. Worked for company for 15 years

6.2. Saw Ratchett go to bed after dinner

6.3. Ratchett summoned him after midnight, although her said he didn't need him

6.4. Until 1 AM he spoke to a friend about the weather.. (he was up past midnight)

6.5. He kept the door next to the exit locked, (nobody could enter)

7. Hector Maqueen

7.1. He doesn't seem to be affected by his boss's death

7.2. Works for Ratchett (he was his secretary)

7.3. Does not like his boss

7.4. He knew of the letter that had threatened Ratchett

7.5. He claims to not know anything about Ratchett at all

7.6. He took down some letters that Mr. Ratchett had wanted written and then said goodnight

7.7. doesn't smoke a pipe

8. Two Murderers?

8.1. Wounds from left and right hand

8.2. A woman and a man?

8.3. Some wounds seem to appear after he was dead

8.4. A woman and a man?

9. Matches that are fro two different people, One is Ratchett the other is the murderer

9.1. Drugged?

10. Edward Masteman (Valet to Ratchett

10.1. Last saw Ratchett at 9pm

10.2. He seemed happy that Ratchett was dead when he found out his dead boss was the kidnapper

10.3. States that Ratchett had been upset the night before over a letter

10.4. doesn't smoke a pipe -only cigarettes

11. Mrs. Hubbard

11.1. She claims the murderer was standing right there in her compartment the night of the murder

11.1.1. her proof is the conductor's button Bouc later confronts the conductor and the button doesn't seem to be his. (Has Mrs. Hubbard lied about this and used this as a cover?)

11.2. She claims to had been so scared she couldn't scream for help or anything at all, so she just layed there thinking she was about to be killed

11.3. She pressed the bell for the conductor multiple times, but nothing happened, when the conductor finally came in, she turned on the lights, yet nobody was there...

11.4. She says there was a woman in Ratchett's room

11.5. Two dressing gowns, however, neither of them match the crime

12. Count and Countess Andrenyi

12.1. Count claims he won't be of must assistance and says that he and his wife were both asleep through everything and heard nothing at all

12.2. He tells Poirot and Bouc that it would be unnecessary for them to question his wife

12.3. The count doesn't smoke a pipe, but he smokes cigarettes and cigars