Murder on the Orient Express

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Murder on the Orient Express by Mind Map: Murder on the Orient Express

1. Ratchett

1.1. Was murdered between 12 and 1 oclock

1.2. Was in fear for his life

1.3. Knew he was in danger

1.4. American Gangster

2. M. Bouc

2.1. Friend of Poirot

2.2. Works for railroad company

2.3. Told Poirot that Ratchett died

3. American Lady

3.1. Talks about her daughter

3.2. Inpatient

4. Swedish Woman

5. German Woman

6. Macqueen

6.1. Ratchett's emplyee

6.2. Disliked his boss

6.3. Didn't care for him

7. Princess Dragomiroff

7.1. Old

7.2. Rich

8. Ratchett killed the American Lady's daughter

9. American

10. Colonel Arbuthnot

10.1. Only one who smokes a pipe

11. Dragomiroff's Maid

11.1. Someone ran into her while fetching a blanket

11.2. Saw a tall man with a womanish voice

12. Checked the Passengers baggage

12.1. Found nothing after the knife was found