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Grodno by Mind Map: Grodno

1. Location

1.1. A city n Belarus, formerly Poland-Lithuania

1.2. formerly Poland-Lithuan

2. History

2.1. Before the war, Grodno was a major learning center for Jews.

2.2. The city was invaded by Nazis on June 22, 1941.

2.3. Grodno was liberated on July 14, 1944 by the Red Army.

2.3.1. Only about two hundred Jews were liberated, since most were deported to camps.

2.4. Grodno was a ghetto for three years.

3. Life in the ghetto was difficult.

3.1. The ghetto was separated into two sections, Ghetto A & Ghetto B.

3.1.1. In Ghetto A, men from the ages of 16-60 were forced to work harsh labor in crowed areas. Ghetto A housed about 15,000 workers.

3.1.2. Ghetto B was for the "unproductive"; it was crowded and there was not a lot of food. Ghetto B had 10,00 people.

4. People murdered

4.1. 84.7% of the people deported from Grodno were murdered

4.2. About 10,000 were murdered in gas chambers.

4.3. Approximately 20,600 Jews from Grodno were deported and murdered in camps.

5. Grodno during the Holocaust.