1776-1861 Natives, African, Mestizos

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1776-1861 Natives, African, Mestizos by Mind Map: 1776-1861 Natives, African, Mestizos

1. Genocide

1.1. Slaves violently sold and auctioned off for goods and services

1.2. Indians removed from the houses they built and the land they helped crop

1.3. US- Mexican war, people slaughtered in order to gain control of land

1.4. Had their culture, and beliefs taken away from them. Natives were forced to live by the american ideology and abandon their own ways.

2. Convicts

2.1. Reading 1: Indians started stealing livestock, committing arson and murder.

2.2. Point #2

2.2.1. Reading 10: Slaves would sabotage crops and tools and start rebellions against their owners.

3. Manifest Destiny

3.1. Removal of indigenous people would be a form of ethnic cleansing.

3.2. Expanded land would offer us more agricultural opportunities which will lead to wealth and success.

3.3. High rise in population in the U.S due to birth rates so the expansion of land will be to the Benefit to create wealth.

3.4. Forcefully remove native americans, mexicans and africans away from their homes and families in order to create a better U.S for the european whites.

4. the vision of president jackson

4.1. Jackson believed that the removal act would be moral improvement.

4.2. Jackson feared them because he didn't understand their culture. he believed they were barbaric and needed to be removed from society.

4.3. He believed they were savages and uncivilized

4.4. The faster they are removed the more advantages would open up to the public

4.5. Indian removal would change barbarous ways. They have evil spirits and cannot be tamed and this will help them.

5. Stereotypes, Attractive features

5.1. Reading 10: Blacks are ignorant and uneducated

5.2. Reading 3: Blacks secrete more by the glands of the skin, which gives them a very strong and disagreeable odor.

5.3. Reading 3: They have less hair on the face and body