St Endas secondary school

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St Endas secondary school by Mind Map: St Endas secondary school

1. Rules and Procedures

1.1. Implimenting posting the classroom rules

1.2. Discipline plan for all students to see

1.3. Going over each rule and what steps you will be taken if these rules are broken

1.4. Continually reinforcing the rules from day one as part of effective classroom management

2. Arriving at school early

2.1. Arrive at school early that first day

2.2. Went to my classroom and have some quiet time alone before the students start to invade

2.3. Making sure my materials are ready to go and organized so that I don't have to search for anything when the class bell rings that first time

3. Greeting Each Student and Begin to Learn Their Names

3.1. Standing at the door, smiling, and warmly greeting the students as they enter my class for the first time.

3.2. Trying and learning the names of a few students

3.3. begin teaching, using the names I have learned to call on a few students

3.4. Start teaching without letting the learners know that is my first time teaching

4. Learners

4.1. Teaching something on that first day of school

4.2. The classroom syllabus and rules

4.3. Classroom attendance or register

4.4. Behavior

4.5. Gathering Points

5. Materials Ready for the First Day

5.1. learning the procedure for making photocopies

5.2. planing ahead of time which copies that I need for the first day and get them made

5.3. Collecting stationary like text books I will be using for teaching

5.4. Making sure the computers and data projectors are working

6. Creating Detailed Lesson Plans for the First Week

6.1. Making detailed lesson plans including directions for yourself on what to do throughout each class period

6.2. overplaning

6.3. Reading the lesson plans and knowing them before I start with my teaching