New Client Checklist

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New Client Checklist by Mind Map: New Client Checklist

1. Client Fills Out "New Client: 10 Hour Deposit Form"

1.1. Form Emails To:

1.1.1. Donna

1.1.2. Chris

1.1.3. James

2. Creates Client Profile on Active Collb

3. Creates Project on Active Collab

3.1. Adds Password and Login Info

4. Kick Off Meeting

4.1. Review Communication Tools "How can you reach us"

4.1.1. Active Collabv

4.1.2. Join Me

4.1.3. Support Ticket

4.2. Discuss Billing Process

4.2.1. What Isn't Billable Discussions about the bill Monitoring

4.2.2. What Is Billable Phone Calls Emails Project Management Assigned Resources Front End Back End QA Document Documentation Testing Research

4.2.3. Billing Cycle We bill out all hours for the calendar month Invoices Are Sent by the 15th of the month 15 Day Terms

4.2.4. How We Manage Time 1 Hour Minimum Unless you have a project manager 1 Hour is used to assess a problem If it can be fixed in that time If It Cant' If URGENT request Urgent Requests are tricky. We want to solve your problem as quickly as possible, but these emergency resources can quickly add up.

5. Sets Up Support Request Form

5.1. Email link and description to client