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My Interests by Mind Map: My Interests

1. service

1.1. at my church

1.2. for my family

1.3. in the community

1.3.1. business idea: help youth groups and schools have service oppurtunities

2. spend time with my friends

2.1. go to the movies

2.2. get Starbucks

2.3. have a sleepover

2.3.1. business idea: make an environment where girls can have the BEST sleepovers ever!

3. Sports

3.1. volleyball

3.2. soccer

3.2.1. business idea: make an arena where you can play any sport you want to

3.3. baseball

4. Family

4.1. helping them out

4.2. spending time with them

4.3. cleaning/chores

4.3.1. business idea: create a business that will come to clean and do your party for a reasonable price