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Vega by Mind Map: Vega

1. Content

1.1. Drama

1.2. Comedy

1.3. Photography

1.4. Music

1.5. Voice Over

2. Business Model

2.1. Revenue Based

2.1.1. Content Creators Pay for every content

2.1.2. Everyone else pays a subscription fee

2.1.3. Model needs to be reviewed on market research.

3. Market

3.1. Content Creators

3.2. General Public

3.3. Record Producers

3.4. Creative Agencies

3.5. Small Business Owners

4. Why?

4.1. Because we want to provide a platform for creatives to earn money from their content.

5. Features

5.1. Everyone can view list of content(similar to youtube, instagram)

5.2. Everyone can "clap" for any content. (similar to like)

5.3. Everyone can share content.

5.4. Everyone can be "a fan" of an artist (similar to followers)

5.5. Everyone can comment on a content

5.6. Creators can upload content

5.7. Creators can create channels (categories)