Race In Latin America

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Race In Latin America by Mind Map: Race In Latin America

1. Confrentation on myths of non-existant racial issues.

1.1. Brazil

1.1.1. "This isn't a matter of race, this is a matter of social class." Brazil's scholars wanted to portray Brazil as a non-racist country by saying that problems between blacks were due to the difference in social class, not race.

1.2. Mexico

1.2.1. The Mexican society ignores the fact that Afro-Mexicans exist within their country. Because of this, Mexico claims to not have racial issues, but in reality this makes them invisible to their own society.

1.3. Columbia

1.3.1. Columbia created institutional space just for the blacks in their country. Like Mexico, Columbia also claims to not have a racial issue and it is only because they keep the blacks in their society away from them - making them invisible.

2. Cultural Struggles

2.1. Immigrant groups had to discarded some aspects of their culture and were forced to adapt to the ones in their new country.

2.2. Africans in Latin American countries did not have the same resources and opportunities doe better education and jobs

2.3. The Chinese population in Mexico, Peru and Cuba were oppressed and forced to work hard without any recognition.

3. Immigration

3.1. Brazil origionally imported Africans to their slave plantations during the time of slavery. This is why there is a big percentage of Africans mixed into their population

3.2. Chinese "coolies" were imported to plantations in Peru and Cuba, where they built railroads and mines. Because of the high demand for cheap labor, the Chinese began to immigrate to these countries.

4. Organizations/Comminuties

4.1. Organizations were created by blacks in Latin American countries in hopes to change racial issues for the minority races.

4.1.1. The UNESCO in Brazil funded these organizations(in Brazil) and created a new racial 'revisionism'- which gave the people "a full insight into Brazillian racial dynamics" (Winant, 175).

4.1.2. The Zapatistas- created a movement known as the EZLN, in effort to show the lack of representation with the indigenous people by the Mexican government.

4.1.3. Mapuche- An Indigenous community in Chile, fighting against the state and the police to be treated fairly.