My Interests

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My Interests by Mind Map: My Interests

1. Business Idea: Making an app that allows you to make your own pregame playlists. Includes a connection between sports and music

2. Staying in shape

2.1. Running

2.1.1. Lifting Nutrition

3. Sports

3.1. Playing Sports

3.2. Teaching Sports

3.3. Coaching Sports

4. Anatomy

4.1. How the body works together

4.2. Making your body work at it's maximum ability

5. Mechanics

5.1. How things work together

5.2. How things are put together

6. music

6.1. Making Music

6.2. Listening to Music

7. Business Idea: Creating a company that has personal trainers that teach how bodies work at their best and how to do that for them personally. Includes a connection between anatomy and staying in shape

8. Business Idea: Creating a special-needs sports program that allows them to learn the game and stay in shape. Participants can also learn teamwork skills and communication with others. Includes a connection between staying in shape, sports, and anatomy

9. Business Ideas: Creating a Iron-Man-Like mechanic that fixes anything around the house. Includes connection to a mechanical company