My interests

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My interests by Mind Map: My interests

1. Learning about U.S. history

1.1. Wars

1.1.1. Business idea: Study wars

1.2. Biographies

2. Art

2.1. Drawing things

2.1.1. Place where we would work on our drawing skills and learn new things

2.2. Arts and crafts

3. Helping people

3.1. Giving things

3.2. Volunteering

3.2.1. Business where we would help do things for poor people

3.3. Counseling

4. Music

4.1. Playing the clarinet

4.1.1. Business where I would make a class online for people who want to learn how to play the clarinet

4.2. Listening to it

5. Reading

5.1. Fiction

5.1.1. Place where we would make our own short stories for other people to read, or read short stories

5.2. Non fiction