Life cycle of a animals

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Life cycle of a animals by Mind Map: Life cycle of a animals

1. Butterfly

1.1. The first stage of a butterfly is always a egg.

1.1.1. The butterfly always lay their below the leaves. The egg is very hard to spot and the butterfly lay more than one egg that is amazing.

1.2. The second stage is called a larva.

1.2.1. The larva can be also called caterpiller. Some caterpillars could be harmless or harmful.

1.3. The larva doesn't look like the adult.

1.4. The third stage is called the pupa

1.4.1. The pupa is a resting stage if you disturb it might die or it fall.

1.4.2. When the pupa come you will see what will happened. The last stage is called a adult The adult is called the butterfly. The wing could be wet went it just came out from the pupa. The butterfly is beautiful because the look so pretty and wing could be large.

2. Life cycle that have 3 stages

2.1. Example of some animals that have 3 stages

2.1.1. E.g1: Humans

2.1.2. E.g2:grasshopper

2.1.3. E.g3:Chicken

2.1.4. E.g4:Cockroach

3. Nymph

3.1. Nymph could be some animal.

3.1.1. Nymph mean that the young does look alike with the parent.

4. Moulting

4.1. The moulting could be very long.

4.2. Moulting is important because the animal can fit into a new body.

4.3. Warning a chicken can't moult because it won't have feathers.

4.4. Human can't also moult because it won't have skin.

5. Life cycle that have 4 stages

5.1. Example of some animals that have 4 stages.

5.1.1. E.g1:Mosquito

5.1.2. E.g2:Butterfly

5.1.3. E.g3:beetle

6. Human

6.1. The first stage is called a baby

6.1.1. A baby look so cute.

6.1.2. A baby might look like the parents or the grandmother or grandfather.

6.2. The second stage is called a young

6.2.1. A young could bigger than the the baby.

6.3. The young could walk a little bit than the baby.

6.4. The last stage is called the adult

6.4.1. The adult look taller than the young.

6.4.2. The adult can ran,walk and talk.

7. BY: Muhd Ariff

7.1. Please comments about my mind map