main reasons for having a government.

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main reasons for having a government. by Mind Map: main reasons for having a government.

1. 'Social'. If the social well-being of the citizens are not well taken care of, it may result in rivalry among the people and sow discord among the citizens. This may eventually lead to an outbreak of riots, leaving the country in a state of disorder. In addition, the state at which the country is in would determine whether merchants would be attracted to open up businesses in the country. This would have an implication on the job opportunities, the economy of the country and ultimately, the standard of living of the citizens.

2. social

2.1. maintain law and order

2.1.1. establish Justice protect us from law breakers sets the code of conduct

2.1.2. to protect the rights of the citizens secure freedom resolve conflicts

2.2. welfare

2.2.1. provides public services like post office, fire protection, state and local police, armed forces

2.2.2. build infrastructure

2.3. sercurity

2.3.1. to provide for the safety and protection of the citizens

2.3.2. to keep our day-to-day lives stable and safe (domestic tranquility)

3. economic

3.1. regulates things like interstate commerce and trade with other nations

3.1.1. to help the exchange of money, goods, and trade with other countries (promote the general welfare)

4. political

4.1. to form a more perfect union

4.2. keep the territory held together

4.3. foster relations with other countries to maintain peace

4.3.1. ensures the security of the state

4.4. provide for the common defense

4.4.1. to protect us from foreign invasions

4.4.2. protects the nation from foreign and domestic enemies and violence

4.5. to protect the states' rights