Autobiography of Red

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Autobiography of Red by Mind Map: Autobiography of Red

1. Characters

1.1. Geryon

1.2. Mother

1.3. Heracles's Grandmother

1.4. Herakles

1.5. Ancash

1.6. Ancash's Mother

1.7. Red

2. Settings

2.1. Argentina

2.1.1. wants to escape boredom in argentina

2.2. America

2.2.1. depression

2.3. Peru

2.3.1. he hates lima but ended up going anyways, discovers a lot about himself

3. Symbols

3.1. Red

3.1.1. the only color green uses to describe anything

3.2. Light

3.2.1. he is obsessed with light in photographs

3.3. Volcano

3.3.1. they want to film and photograph them

3.3.2. plays a big part in the peruvian culture

3.3.3. geryon is an eyewitness which is linked to the volcano

3.4. Lava

3.4.1. lava man, lava bakery, lava bread

4. Feelings

4.1. Boredom

4.1.1. ponders boredom with lazer

4.1.2. escapes boredom in south america

4.2. Depression

4.2.1. always seems to feel depressed, especially when thinking of heartless

4.2.2. felt depressed on the plane ride

4.3. Love

4.3.1. loved herakles but at the end does not

4.3.2. doesn't understand love

4.4. Satsifaction

4.4.1. has never felt satisfied

4.4.2. used to feel satisfied with herakles now he feels used and shameful

5. Uncertainties

5.1. how it all ends

5.2. Ancash and Herakles' relationship

5.3. Geryon's wings

6. Peculiarities

6.1. Wings

6.1.1. appear real and not real

6.1.2. ancash notices them he's known as a eyewitness in huarez

6.2. Relationships

6.2.1. with ancash possible intimacy developing encourages curiosity

6.2.2. with herakles intimate relationship but quite complicated

6.3. Herakles

6.3.1. filming volcanoes why are they obsessed with volcanoes?

6.3.2. vulgarity is restless and never satisfied

6.4. Ancash

6.4.1. who is he? how does he know about the eyewitnesses

6.4.2. what is his role? will geryon and his relationship become intimate or no?

6.5. Huarez

6.5.1. Why does this place have people like Geryon? who are they eyewitnesses do they actually have wings