My Foundations of Education

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My Foundations of Education by Mind Map: My Foundations of Education

1. Politics of Education

1.1. Conservative

1.1.1. Perspective and vision

2. History of U.S. Education

2.1. Reform movement and historical interpretation

2.1.1. Midterm

3. Sociology of Education

3.1. Theoretical Perspectives & Effects on schooling

3.1.1. Research and prepare experiment

4. Philosophy of Education

4.1. Modern Realism

4.1.1. New vocabulary

5. Schools as Organizations

5.1. Germany

6. Curriculum and Pedagogy

6.1. Historical Curriculum Theory

6.2. Sociological Curriculum

7. Equality of Opportunity

7.1. Women educational achievement and attainment

7.2. Response to The Coleman Study

8. Educational Inequality

8.1. Sociological explanation of unequal achievement

8.2. School-centered explaination

9. Educational Reform

9.1. School based reform: teacher education

9.2. School Finances Reform