What is a relationship?

For Year 8FI

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What is a relationship? by Mind Map: What is a relationship?

1. Friends. U tell them ur problem. Not the secret ones.

1.1. why

2. It is when you share strong bonds with someone...

3. Something that you have with a special person or someone that you know

3.1. Mu

4. Suppose love,friendship, special bonding stuff like that.

4.1. Friend and Best Friends

4.2. my cat

4.2.1. It woke me up at morning slap me in the face thats how my cat wake me up

5. My sister

5.1. we share videos from our social media

5.1.1. we talk about our problem together we go shoping together

5.2. she breaks my stuff

5.3. she hits me

5.3.1. we fight we kill

5.4. she breaks my homework

5.5. she copes my homework

5.6. play basketball

5.7. facetime with friend

5.8. play sport

6. Chat with the friends by using Skype

7. Macbook

7.1. play with you

8. Brother

8.1. eat with him

8.2. talk about games

9. Mother

9.1. cooking

9.2. shopping

9.3. revising

9.4. shouting

9.5. play with me

9.6. hiting me

9.7. eat all of ma stuff

9.8. Taking care me

9.9. become a volcano when angry

9.9.1. and explosive mode is on and I'm obviously will become a dead man

9.10. angry at me because of the yellow card

10. my cat

11. Friends

11.1. Best friend

11.1.1. always share your feelings

11.1.2. say secret

11.2. Casual friend (acquaintance)

11.2.1. he will play with me

11.3. i have no friends

11.3.1. cuz I am lonely

11.4. new friends

11.4.1. small talks

11.4.2. akward things

12. my dog

13. Always laugh together

13.1. My classmates - Alexis and Jade not

14. Dad

14.1. Buying things with my daddy

14.1.1. When I was small , he will give me a candy He will cooking for me Always pay money

14.2. play video game(GTA 5) with my dad

14.2.1. Always buy present for me buy Video game for me

14.3. i talk to him every day

14.3.1. teach me how to do homework he always use whatsapp to send me a message he ask me to feed my dog

14.4. pay everything

14.4.1. buy stuff for me like to bring me to work

14.5. give 1000 for red pocket

15. play together

16. Play With my FAT CAT

16.1. Play with it

16.2. Feed it

16.3. Make me happy

17. always give us homework

17.1. Teachers

18. Homeroom teacher

18.1. Nothing

18.1.1. Mr Alain says

19. always love me and my sister

19.1. My mum and dad

19.2. My grand parents