Translation "Industry"

Christof Schneider

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Translation "Industry" by Mind Map: Translation "Industry"

1. Areas of my consulting expertise

1.1. Tool training

1.2. General consulting

1.2.1. file formats

1.2.2. best practices

1.3. CMS consultation

1.3.1. content prioritisation & cost factors shelf life customer relations, social media documentation marketing cost of translation TEP PEMT MT

1.4. Lingo24's technology portfolio

1.4.1. Content transfer solutions Ordering applications API CMS Integrations Traditional Email FTP Proxy solutions Mirror published site & translate

1.4.2. Localisation Strategy Assessments for Lingo24 Strategic training writing content reviewing translations terminology management

1.4.3. Thank you so much ...

2. Typical translation technology

2.1. Translations & technologies

2.1.1. more detail

2.1.2. CMS provide applications develop content publish web print pdf etc manage multiple languages

2.1.3. TMS provide TMS applications manage TM & terms manage budgets manage roles (PM, supplier, etc) AM PM

3. Who are the players

3.1. Demand: clients

3.2. Financial support: Investors

3.3. Suppliers

3.3.1. SLV Single Language Vendors Freelancer $ per word, x wph, 8 hours per 225 workdays Small companies PM AM

3.3.2. LSP Top 100

4. Christof Schneider

4.1. Working closely with Lingo24 since 2004

4.1.1. Consulting with clients & inhouse Workinstructions Best practices File formats

4.1.2. Tool development 3rd party CAT tools Other 3rd party tools Lingo24's TMS

4.2. Teaching Electronic Tools and File formats from 2002 to 2012

4.3. Freelance translation

4.4. Workflow & Tool consultation with other clients

5. Common Sense Advisory