What challenges do you face in leading/ governing GCSE provision?

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What challenges do you face in leading/ governing GCSE provision? by Mind Map: What challenges do you face in leading/ governing GCSE provision?

1. planning for growth in numbers , not being able to effectively predict and therefore plan for numbers

2. learners don't want to be there

2.1. attendance problematic then need to make decisions about conditions of funding versus success rates

3. timetables

3.1. timetable methodology-avoid sabotage by others

3.1.1. Enough hours

4. Huge challenges for SEN learners

5. Funding and direction to mandate schools to share diagnostic information about students

5.1. clarifying what grade D means

6. Meaningful embedding

6.1. Meaningful embedding

7. What to do with those learners who would rather do FS L2 and do not want to engage in GCSE.

8. Qualifications on entry

8.1. Clearer guidelines required for exemptions

9. Conditions of Funding

10. numbers of young people leaving school without maths and English increasing year on year

11. New GCSEs

11.1. coverage for Grade D students re-taking

12. Impact of Ofsted

12.1. Impact on success rates for those who progress positively - how sensitive will Ofsted be?

13. Attitude of parents and other staff

14. Level2 FS is not a stepping stone in any way!

15. Staff related

15.1. Sourcing teachers and not overloading staff

15.2. recruiting subject specialists

15.3. teachers knowing how to teach, e.g. SPaG

15.4. staff confidence

15.5. Staff development and offering parity of wages

15.6. not enough staff

15.7. additional costs of bigger delivery team and management impact on other provision

15.8. lack of organisational awareness / buy-in from vocational staff

15.9. Little time, money and opportunity to upskill existing teachers

16. Exam logistics

16.1. logistics of running so many exams at one time.

16.2. Assessment Window

16.3. astronomical costs of hiring premises, furniture and setting up at 4am on exam days

16.4. Rooms big enough for exams!