The Principle

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The Principle by Mind Map: The Principle

1. 07:00

1.1. 1. I arrive at the school. I would like to go into my office to get settled before the day begins, but usually the head custodian comes running down the hallway with something “urgent“ for my attention. I make certain to deal with this in the hallway, as to not encourage a lengthy discussion in the office. Finally, I go into the office where I can take off my coat, turn on the computer, and check e-mail

2. 07:40

2.1. By this time teachers have arrived, secretaries are coming in and getting ready. a staff meeting takes place to discuss the events and topics of recent events.

3. 08:00

3.1. school has officially begun. By now several teachers have knocked on my door to see me. Sometimes the teachers have problems; other times it is more a chance for them to vent or just share something. Students will also come by during this time.

4. 09:00

4.1. I usually like to do a quick “walkabout” at this time. I know this is a tough time for teachers, but the expectation is that teaching has to begin as soon as the bell rings. I look for many things. Is a teacher still at a desk doing business like lunch money or collecting for something else? Is the teacher teaching? Are students engaged in the work involved in an anticipatory set?

5. 09:30

5.1. I am back in the office for my first appointment of the day. On any given day I can have one or more appointments, mostly with parents. I spend an hour dealing with appointments from parents to deal with a variety of issues relating to teachers or learners.

6. 10:30

6.1. Lunch period is here. I take a few minutes to eat my sandwich. As I do I usually check my e-mail or add something to the school web site. It is always a working lunch.

7. 11:00

7.1. Lunch is over. I have a meeting with a physical education teacher. He is working on the school sports program. We go over the program, over the incidentals, we talk about how the event is going and the budget. It is a productive meeting.

8. 11:30

8.1. I am back in the office. There are more calls to return. I have a monthly message to write. Teachers have left test papers (which I have requested to see in their plan books); I have to proofread several letters from the Parents Association and approve them before they go out; the payroll folder is there for approval too, and several more messages need to be returned.

9. 12:30

9.1. second lunch period is here. I take a few minutes to eat a fruit or a snack. I walk around, watch various games taking place, speak to the teachers on duty, and get a breath of fresh air.

10. 13:00

10.1. I commence another walkabout. I go into some classrooms, look into others. I make certain teachers and students see me. My presence is important to them and I want them to know I am there, but never at the same time each day.

11. 13:30

11.1. My secretary gives me a list of appointments and notices regarding the following day in which prepare to deal with them.

12. 14:00

12.1. 1. The final school bell rings to dismiss the learners. Before I leave I stop at the library to visit the learners who have to stay in for detention.