Indefinite articles A - An

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Indefinite articles A - An by Mind Map: Indefinite articles A - An

1. Aspirated H

2. A hat

3. a-an

4. Attention, there are adjectives beginning with u- following the rule: Example. AN UNIMPORTANT CALL

4.1. The largest part of nouns and adjectives beginning with uni also take the indefinite article: Example. A UNICORN


6. In the examples below, notice that the letter H has two forms. The aspirated form requires an expulsion of air. The unaspirated form is completely silent which means there is no expulsion of air so the letter H contributes no sound to the spoken word. It is as if the H does not exist. Therefore, the noun requires the indefinite article an.

7. Rule for the use o the consonant ¨H¨

8. A helicopter

9. A helicopter

10. A human

11. Unaspirated H

12. An hour

13. An honest man

14. An honor

15. An herb

16. The English indefinite articles are a and an. They refer to something unspecific. Here are example sentences.

17. Use.

18. In general, the indefinite article a is used in front of nouns and adjectives that begin with a consonant . The indefinite article an is used in front of nouns and adjectives that begin with a vowel . However, there are a few exceptions. Nouns and adjectives that begin with eu– require the indefinite article a.

19. Definition

20. Examples

21. I bought a car.

22. She saw an elephant.

23. They have an idea.

24. Do you have a pen?

25. A euro

26. For example

27. A European country

28. A eucalyptus tree

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