1776-1861 Natives,Africans,Mestizos in the U.S.

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1776-1861 Natives,Africans,Mestizos in the U.S. by Mind Map: 1776-1861 Natives,Africans,Mestizos in the U.S.

1. The Vision of President Jacksons

1.1. Indians cannot live in contact with civilized communities that are growing.

1.2. Thought Indian Removal would change their barbarous ways - "they are children need of guidance.

1.3. "Speedy Removal" of Indians would offer advantage for everyone.

1.4. Putting indians under their govern and rule would cast off their habits and become civilized Christian community.

2. Manifest Destiny

2.1. Continued expansion, led to Indian Removal

2.2. Removal of these indigenous people led to ethnic erasing of their history and pepple

2.2.1. By granting limited right to land

2.3. "Expanded" land for increasing immigrations.

2.3.1. Conquered, purchased or taken lands from Mexico and the Native Americans

3. Indian Removal Policy

3.1. May 28,1830

3.2. Andrew Jackson (Tennessee)

3.3. The Supreme Court handed down a decision that Indians could occypy lands within United States

3.4. Gave the President power to negotiate removal treaties with Indian tribes living east of the Mississippi.

3.5. Authorized to move tribes to West of Mississippi

3.5.1. The American Indians Tribes were forced out of ancestral lands to be forced into federal lands "designated for tribes"

4. Aftermath of the Mexican American War

4.1. A War of Violence, Antonia Castaneda

4.1.1. Families were literally split in half

4.1.2. The reason of war is about territory, continental expansion, access to the ports of the Pacific, and access to and ownership of all of the wonderful minerals and riches that were in the subsoil. The war was about land, labor, and wealth. But it was also about language, culture, race, and religion. It was about way of being. It was about world view.

4.1.3. We live with the consequences of that conquest. We all live with the impact and the effects of the acquisition of that land, the displacement of the people on it, the appropriation of their labor at less than livable wages.

4.2. Mexicans

4.2.1. Lost their northen territories gained from the independence from Spain

4.2.2. Become second class citizens Population decreased; denied rights to own land Become foreigners in native land

4.2.3. Deprived of their livelihood,language,lands,culture,religion,race

4.2.4. Lost 55% of territory Arizona,California,New Mexico, parts of Colorado,Nevada,Utah

4.3. Indians

4.3.1. Genocide.

4.3.2. Tribes were broken

4.3.3. Culture and language were taken away

4.3.4. Forced removal to leave own native land

4.4. Africans

4.4.1. Brought to America as slaves

4.4.2. denied rights to vote, own property, education

4.4.3. Most of them died at young age