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TRASH by Mind Map: TRASH

1. action

1.1. Rafael unlucky lucky day

1.1.1. Raphael and Gardo dangerously went into the trash truck and found an ID card, a wallet, and a key.

1.2. Lies to the police

1.2.1. After the events of finding the key the police came looking for the for what they found that they had accidentally misplaced it. Gardo and Raphael lied about what they found and denied the reward promised to the finder because the did not trust the policemen loyalty.

1.3. talking to rat

1.3.1. Gardo and Raph both decided they were going to tell their friend rat to help them with this mystery since they decided they were going to have their own investigation.

1.4. Taking action

1.4.1. After rat agreed to do this dirty deed they all decided to go to the police station and open the locker the key lead to

1.5. police station

1.5.1. Gardo rat and raphel went to the police station to open the locker and found and envelope written to Gabriel olandriz this letter was written in a secret language.

1.6. More lies

1.6.1. Rat Gardo and Raphael went to father Julliard after school and used the computers to research the to who it was and from who

1.7. taken to jail

1.7.1. Raphael was taken to jail questioned and beat up he was released later that day and had to walk hours to get back home

1.8. still investigating

1.8.1. After raph got back they decided to continue lying and told olivia to take gardo to visit his uncle in prison ( really it was the person the letter was sent to )

1.9. At the jail

1.9.1. After tricking Olivia to go visit his "uncle" they stayed in the waiting rooms for hours Olivia was trying to act calm but really she was freaking out. After the finally let them in the had to go through some terrible jail sells. This is what Olivia was thinking: I expected jail sells but not these cages. she was freaking out and everybody in the jail started screaming and pleading for help. Some people grabbed her she almost lost conscious but Gardo helped her get back up and into the jail hospital.

1.10. Meeting Gardos "uncle"

1.10.1. Gardo and Olivia finally entered the hospital and saw this very sick old man waiting for them. Olivia noticed that nor Gardo nor the man had greeted each other. It seemed as if the had never met. When she started talking to the man he seemed very kind and as she started asking questions the truth started coming out she soon relized that Gardo and his friends had tricked them and Gardo he had never met Gabriel Olondriz (the old man in jail) but he was there to pass the message that was in the envelope.

1.11. Talking to Gabriel Olandriz

1.11.1. Gardo was there to ask some questions and deliver the message and the first thing that was told and asked by Olivia was why he was in the jail. Gabriel started telling the story. It had turned out that he to was working for the mission schools. The government would donate some money that they had raised. But he later figured that the money was not coming in because the a government member at the moment had stolen that money. Gabriel thought that this was unfair and wanted to build a case and take him to court. Because the man was from the government they made sure all the evidence was destroyed they burned down his house and both his driver and maid were killed. He was later put into prison for accusing a man in power and for false evidence.

1.12. The shocking news

1.12.1. Gardo is trying to explain to Gabriel what happened and is asking him questions like who is Dante Jerome or Jose Angelico were. It turned out that Jose Angelico was one of his best friends who was also his grandson. that would send him letters frequently and that was who the letter was from. The he found out that Dante Jerome is his son. Sadly while Gardo was asking questions he said that Jose was dead. He was killed during his interrogation. Gabriel started to shake and loose control it seemed as he was going to pass.

1.13. The bible

1.13.1. After Gabriel was given the proper attention he was OK. He got really exited and wanted to give a bible to Gardo that had a secret code so he can figure it out. when he went into his room they told him it was time to go. the guard promised he would bring it out but never did. Later the guard asked for money in return a lot of it. Unfortunately Gabriel died in the jail hospital the next morning.

1.14. Rat an Raph

1.14.1. Gardo, Raph and Rat decided to go and visit Zapatas house. After they took a bus and rat told Raph about his moving plan (He was saving up all the money and was going to use it to move to his old town and buy a boat. He was going to fish for a living and eat and dell fish.) the got to Zapatas house and snuck in his gardener spot them but just started talking to them. The gardener told them all about the stolen money how Jose Angelico was working for Zapata as well and he stole 8 million from him. He told them that he used a fridge to sneak it out. After their chat they heard sirens the police were there. The ran and ran. They stayed with the station street boys for about a week then they got back into action

1.15. Talking to Pedro (the gaurd with the bible)

1.15.1. Gardo stayed at the station waiting till Pedro came out. When he finally did Gardo followed him he got the price for the bible and a place and time to exchange. Later after they got the money (Rat went to the mission school and stole some money he felt really bad after he did it though) They met at a restaurant and Gardo had a hook in his pocket just in case. He gave i the money and then police started barging in Gardo pulled on the book and scratched the police man in the eye and he ran. Raph , Rat and Gardo split and started passing the book as they went.

1.16. Finding the code

1.16.1. They found a place to stay overnight. The next day was day of the dead and the stayed up all night figuring out the code. As they went the found pages and numbers that led to words. They found a message that turned out to mean to go to the sementary

1.17. day of the dead

1.17.1. They woke up that morning and it was all to quite they realized the police was there they tried to sneak out but the police found them they were being shot at and followed. With the help of some other people in the town they managed to escape. They went and to a taxi down to the commentary. There were many families there celebrating the day of the dead.

1.18. Finding the grave

1.18.1. They thought if the found the family grave that would lead to something.They asked and had to pay 20 to find out where the family grave was. They read all the names and could not find anything it was getting really dark and the sat on this wall. Then was when they realized why they could not find the grave. The cemetery was divided into 2 parts the rich and the poor there was a wall dividing it that they were sitting on at that moment. They started looking and slowly the found the family grave. They found the wife. The wife's message partly matched the note. Then they found the son. Finally they found the Daughter Pia whom's grave matched the note to Gabriel. They did not know if the money was in there or even witch one it was in. Then they heard a voice

1.19. Pia Dante

1.19.1. She was sitting high up on the graves and asked the boys who they were waiting for. The boys responded Jose Angelico and she said that she did not think he will come. She was waiting for him for a wee. Her name was Pia Dante Angelico Jose's daughter. At first they thought she was a goast. Yet she was real.

1.20. Opening the grave

1.20.1. They really knew she wasn't a ghost but they were very confused. The boys helped Pia down and they need to get her some food she was week she could barley stand up. With the little money they had left they went and ate at a shack near by. The paid a man so Pia can sleep there for the night. When they were coming up for a plan to go in and out the cemetery they said that the one thing they knew for shore was that the money was not theirs and we not even planning to take more that a little. They found some tools Rat a knife Gardo a rope and Raph a pipe. The moved fast and broke the cement. They brought the coffin down and unscrewed the lid with the knife. The boys were hesitant to open the box but hey did it anyway. In there was the 6 million dollars. Again they did not even think about taking the money.

1.21. Giving the money back

1.21.1. They came back for Pia and then left they were carrying the money in big sacks. the got back to Behala and rat left Father Julliard some money and then all of the boys went up on top of Rats house and started throwing the money. They must have thrown about 5 and half million dollars. They remembered that the mission school had some school clothes donations and they all changed and washed off. The were all so happy and they left together and caught the train.

1.22. finall chapter

1.22.1. They all took trains buses and boated to get to their destination to a far part of Fort Barton where the water was see through. It was paradise. Since then they bought boats and fished for a living and lived happy lives all together Raph, Gardo, Jun Jun, and Pia. THE END

2. out comes

2.1. the out come was a higher quality of life and the start of a revolution. The boys Pia and all the Behala families increased their quality of life by getting back the money that was theirs. The boys and Pia although they put their life at risk they still got a good outcome. Not only do they now have money to sustain their living but they learend lessons througght this journey and they were able to stay true to thebselves even with the large amont of money offered. The started a revolution to better their conty as well because the curoption was exposed and it was the first step to a change for the whole contry. A few pwoplw can make a huge differece.

3. theme

3.1. Perseverance

3.2. poverty

3.3. mystery

3.4. curruption

3.5. morality

3.6. lies

3.7. Giving back

4. setting

4.1. Behala

4.2. mission school

4.3. train station

4.4. police station

4.5. jail

4.6. grave yard

4.7. overnight stayes

4.8. Fort barton

5. Characters

5.1. Rapahel

5.1.1. Trash boy found or his helping with the investigation of the letter

5.2. Gardo

5.3. Rat

5.4. Father Julliard

5.4.1. Mission school father got tricked into the investigation

5.5. Olivia

5.5.1. mission school worker

5.6. jose angelico

5.6.1. One of Gabriens best friends and grandson Letter written from him His now dead

5.7. dante jerome

5.7.1. Gabriel olondriz's son

5.8. Gabriel olondriz

5.9. Pia dante

5.9.1. Joses daugeter She is found by the boys hungry homeless and alone

5.10. Omar

5.10.1. Gaurd with th bible

6. problem

6.1. They found some things that the police are looking for and they lied about their findings

6.2. They found what the key opened and it lead to the police station they opened the locker and found a letter. The letter was for a man in jail.

6.3. Raph was taken to jail beaten and enterigated

6.4. Gardo got caught lying about his uncle

6.5. Gabriel is freaking out and it almost seems that he may pass away

6.6. The police is trying to kill them

6.7. they are poor and dont have much money to pay of anything

6.8. They dont understan the bible

6.9. The police is atill chasing them

6.10. The found Pia and are verry unshure of what is happeneng

6.11. They dont know in witch grave the money is in or if the money is even in the grave