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My Interest by Mind Map: My Interest

1. Sports

1.1. Baseball

1.1.1. Baseball for kids. A nonprofit organization to help kids get to know the sport and learn how to play it.

1.2. Basketball

1.3. football

2. Family

2.1. Chandler (Sister)

2.2. Rachel (Mom)

2.3. Rielly (Dad)

2.4. Katie (Sister)

3. Surf

3.1. Surfboard

3.1.1. Surf R Us. A nonprofit organization that teaches kids who don't have rides to the beach go to the beach and also give out surfboards.

3.2. Wave

3.3. Beaches

3.3.1. BWC beach walking club. We drive people to the beach that don't have family to such as elderly or kids and walk on the beach and sight see also going to the pier.

4. Travel

4.1. Going to the beach in summer

4.1.1. Travel R Us- Takes people who cant travel to exotic locations. Paying half of the bill they would be spending.

4.2. Going to New York twice

4.3. Going to Costa Rica on a trip