Articles a/an

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Articles a/an by Mind Map: Articles a/an

1. Concept

1.1. The words "an" and " a" son items to indicate a Thing (como "un" o "una" en español).

2. Difference

2.1. It is used "a" in all singular and consonant sound

2.1.1. example a tree

2.2. "An" is used in the names that begin with a vowel

2.2.1. example an eyes

3. Videos of difference


3.2. other video

4. Uses rules .

4.1. It is used to before a word beginning with a consonant or " h" aspirated . However, it becomes an when the following word starts with a vowel or " h " silent .

4.1.1. example a boy = un chico. a woman = una mujer. a soldier = un soldado.

4.2. However , attention to words beginning with a vowel but they sound "iu" ( take the indefinite article).

4.2.1. example a European = un europeo. a useful book = un libro útil. a university = una universidad.

4.3. It used the indefinite article a / an in front of the nationality of the persons used as names

4.3.1. example a Spaniard = un español. a Frenchman = un francés. a German = un alemán.

4.4. Before professions It also uses a / an before religions.

4.4.1. example I am a teacher = Soy profesor/a. He is a Christian = Él es cristiano.