My interests

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My interests by Mind Map: My interests

1. Sports

1.1. Track and Field

1.1.1. Business Idea: Track and Field Instructional School

1.2. Soccer

1.3. Basketball

2. Musical Instruments

2.1. Violin

2.1.1. Business Idea: Service that provides the instruction of how to play the violin

2.2. Flute

2.3. Piano

3. Travelling

3.1. Europe

3.2. Thailand

3.3. United States

3.4. Cities in China

3.4.1. Business Idea: I can develop tourism, guide people to these cities.

4. Studying

4.1. School Subjects

4.2. Reading

4.3. Experiment

4.3.1. Business Idea: Service that provides different ideas for different Experiments you want to do