Inhorn, Local Babies, Global Science

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Inhorn, Local Babies, Global Science by Mind Map: Inhorn, Local Babies, Global Science

1. Prologe

1.1. IVF

1.2. The mportance of a child in the Middle East

1.2.1. representation of couple profound absence

1.3. Doctor > Hospital

1.3.1. Gamble to trust doctor

2. Introduction

2.1. Western IVF

2.1.1. Medical, social and bioethical

2.2. Local in the global

2.2.1. Cultural indigenous theory of women producing eggs is prohibited But this is a contradiction; this militates against the formation of supported IVF services

2.2.2. Local constrains

2.3. Middle Eastern IVF

2.3.1. Egyptian Ethos

2.4. Globalization

2.4.1. reshape local culture prohibits 3rd party donations

3. Demography and Epidemiology

3.1. Vulnerability to Infertility

3.1.1. High infertility rate Transmitted infections, postpartum postabortive complications, unhygienic health care practices Men-leading cause in Egypt. Exposure to environmental/occupational toxicants

4. Fertility-Infertility Dialectic and Pronatalism

4.1. Procreation

4.1.1. Less use for condoms, engage in sex, exposure of risk of sterilizing infections, HIV/AIDS

4.2. Pronatalism

4.2.1. Importance of parenthood; desire; absence; life goals; fulfilling; desire

4.2.2. Old age security, social power desires, extend family, religious

4.3. Lifestyle

4.3.1. Western societies viewed as voluntary, or option

4.3.2. Non western, failure to produce is reflective off couple

5. Gendered Suffering and Social Stigma

5.1. Community Ostracism in Egypt

5.1.1. Infertile woman are socially invisible globally

5.1.2. Biological parenthood=only way

5.2. Gender Opression

5.2.1. Complicates society views, emotional distress, marital dynamics

6. Adoption Restrictions

6.1. Islamic Law does not recognize adoption

6.1.1. Cultural understanding; erotic attraction to sibilings, capable of stealing, emotions will never emerge, viewed as unable to reproduce to community

7. Health care Seeking

7.1. Shifting medical traditions

7.1.1. Biomedical practitioners provide little formal health services

7.2. Egypt government health care systems

7.2.1. Don't offer infertility diagnosis or treatment services

7.2.2. Private sectors; money makers

8. The Local in the Global

8.1. Globalization affects politics-local values

8.1.1. Disempowered in the face of global forces

8.1.2. Local cultural context of Egypt; Islamic culture/beliefs

8.1.3. New reproductive technologies would reduce issues of human suffering Structure and restriction of who may benefit

9. Local Actors in Moral Words

9.1. Different cultural morals between Egypt and Israel

9.1.1. Egypt: Strictly prohibit third-party donations, clinical practices differ, religion ties

9.1.2. Israeli; Materialistic consumer model, rabbinical arguments,

10. Time, Place, and People

10.1. Focus of study; All infertile women first stages of IVF/ICSI & perception of test-tube baby making

10.1.1. Gender and class dynamics

10.2. Limitation of study

10.2.1. No observational strategy, limited relationships to not "blow cover", , no permissions, did not observe clinical observations

10.3. Cultural ramifications

10.3.1. Transfer of IVF technology from Euro-America to Ehypt Cultural ideas reshape the usage of technological use vice-versa