1776-1861 the destructive path to success

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1776-1861 the destructive path to success by Mind Map: 1776-1861                          the destructive path to success

1. Sea to sea expansion (West)

2. Economic self interest

3. Prosperity at the expense of slavery, violence, death . "Right of occupancy vs. right of discovery"

4. Broken promises Treaties were broken, relocated safety, destroyed dreams of emancipation, stealing. deleting and reducing Articles " Guadalupe Hildago" Promised friendship " Creeks winning the battles for Jackson", but then took the land away from the Creeks.

5. Inevitable war Expansion of slavery vs. more land for settlers vs. control of CA to access Asian market =’s Violence. Free soil advocates vs. slave tended plantations

6. Approaches to dealing with non-whites. Natives 1. War (First Anglo Pownatan War) 2. Treaties ( peace treaties & land cessions) Millions of acres ceded by Indians. 3. Relocation or Removal ( Indian Removal) African Americans 1. Indentured servants 2. Slavery ( insufficient labor via British settlers) 3. Forced migration (cotton growing states in lower south/west) 4. Constant threat of sale ( sent to auction block) 5. Sexual Exploitation ( African women) Mexicans 1. Forced to choose US or Mexican citizenship. 2. Second class citizens 3. Unequal rights, forced removal and elimination.

7. North & South Expansion

8. Violence of the soul. Castaneda"In order to become the dominant power the US has become, the process erased the history of people...you erase people and people will not be erased. So, people have struggled...resisted...survived. ...it erases their existence or subjugates them as less than 2nd class citizens. Cultural forms and formulations, sensibilities and aesthetics were demeaned, discredited, or delegitimized."

9. Capitalist Development and introducing the "Spirit of Western capitalism"

10. Inferior Populations

11. _________ producing state using slave labor. ( Fill in the blank)

12. Loss of land, rights, dignity, culture, family, language

13. US crop value rises to $8 million

14. Approaches to deal with White class 5 Civilized Tribes Non-violent attempts ro coexist caused jealousy lead to the Seminole War

15. Jacksonian 1835 " The past we cannot recall, but the future we can provide for." The Indians are removed at the expense of of the United States..and also furnished gratuitously." Jackson had a tactic of promising rewards in land and plunder. Also, very "Jeffersonian" in handling the Indians by "civilizing" them. He conquered the "cream of the Creek country" that would guarantee southwestern prosperity.

16. Jefferson's Notes 1853 "The first difference which strikes us is that of color...physical distinctions proving a difference of race...we have had under our eyes the races of black and red men, they have never viewed by us as subjects of natural history. Blacks...are inferior to whites in the endowments both of body and mind. This unfortunate difference of colour, and perhaps of faculty, is a powerful obstacle to the emancipation of these people. When freed, he is to be removed beyond reach of mixture"

17. Appropriation, Expropriation. Violence. Racism in exchange for Land, Labor & Wealth.

18. Growing ideology of Manifest Destiny. Extending the boundaries of freedom, but still a boundary exists as natives were not fit to govern themselves. The need to expand into new lands was a priority.

19. Segregating Laws to deny rights. Jim Crow Laws, Texas Rangers