Into the Wild Paper

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Into the Wild Paper by Mind Map: Into the Wild Paper

1. Chris feels like his parents takes advantage of having money and takes it for granted. He feels as if his parents see money in a completely different way as he does. He does not like it when he sees people spend their money carelessly.

2. Evidence=Chris was asked about his parents and the woman told him that he should contact his parents.

2.1. When he burned all of his money, it symbolized breaking away from what he once knew. Chris started a new life where money and success did not matter. He thinks he can survive in a pure, wild world where nobody judges and there is appreciation for what you have and don't have.

2.1.1. Personal Todo List

2.1.2. Vacation Planning

2.1.3. Meeting Minutes

2.1.4. Project Plan

2.1.5. more...

3. Intro

4. Thesis

4.1. Is it possible to escape from the 21st century? Does it make sense to try?

4.2. It is possible to escape from the 21st century.

5. Ideas

5.1. Reasons

5.1.1. You do not have to follow the crowd. It is possible to escape from society.

5.1.2. It makes sense to try to leave/escape from society.

5.1.3. Following the crowd is not always the best thing to do because then it is not your choice, it is their choice made for you to follow.

5.1.4. If someone constantly followed the crowd, then they would be not be an individual.

5.2. Evidence=When Chris McCandless receives the car he thinks that it could have been cheaper and his parents spent too much.

6. Quote

6.1. Check out

7. Example from text

8. Attention getter

9. Transition

10. Thesis