Erik van de Loo - Leiderschap en gedrag - #toekomstforum

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Erik van de Loo - Leiderschap en gedrag - #toekomstforum by Mind Map: Erik van de Loo - Leiderschap en gedrag - #toekomstforum

1. Courageous leadership

2. Three questions

2.1. How do you view the essence of your authority or lack of authority in your role as leader

2.1.1. Disappointment in leaders patients

2.1.2. Leaders without authority nobody is eager to take their place Where is your authority?

2.2. What's the most important thing you have to do from your perspective as a leader in healthcare?

2.2.1. What needs to be done to contain costs reduce waiting lists increase quality

2.2.2. Real changes technical change technology adaptive change people

2.2.3. Healthcare professional as team player co-production with patients

2.3. How dangerous is this for you?

2.3.1. Bringing into discussion adaptive changes fear anxiety turbulence

2.3.2. Leaders see understand take risk to lose authority technical interventions seem saver more dangerous in the end

2.3.3. Conclusions real leaders, courageous leaders are needed