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peoples fears by Mind Map: peoples fears

1. spiders

1.1. people are scared of spiders because they have long legs and tiny bodys

2. intruders

2.1. people are scared of intruders because intruders probaly break into peoples houses and kill them

3. clowns

3.1. people are scared of clows because they are always smiling and there makeup

4. snakes

4.1. people are scared of snakes because they don't like the thought of them slitherin other them.

5. dark figures in the night

5.1. because people cant see there faces and because its creepy

6. death

6.1. people are scared of dying because they think it would be nasty to think that.

7. zombies

7.1. people are scared of zombies because people would not like to be eaten alive and ripped apart or turn into a fleash eatin mindless zombie.

8. the dark

8.1. people are scared of the dark because they dont know whats lurking in there room or whats waching them.

9. insects

9.1. people can be scared of insects because they look weird with all there long legs and small bodies.

10. ghosts

10.1. because there seeing either there dead relatives or because they go cold in side.

11. there own closits

11.1. people are sacred of there own closits because they imagine a skelenton is in there or something else.

12. under the bed

12.1. because people actually think there are monsters under there bed and that in the middle of night the monsters would snack on them.

13. enclosed places

13.1. because they feel costraphobic and because they fell like the room is spining round them.

14. mirrors

14.1. as people think they can see people behind them and jump or not seeing your own reflection.

15. heights

15.1. as people can think them self's falling over the edge to there death.