Stand for Trees

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Stand for Trees by Mind Map: Stand for Trees

1. stop desflorestation

2. what it is:

2.1. it´s a campaing whose purpose is to protect endangered forests and reduce the impacts of climate change by enabling individuals to take action

3. associated companies

3.1. Allcot group

3.2. Althelia ecosphere

3.3. Anthrotect

3.4. Bedell guitars

3.5. Breedlove

3.6. Biocarbon

3.7. Biocarbon partners

3.8. Bioredd +

3.9. California Council for Environmental an Economic Balance


3.11. USAID Colombia

3.12. DoneHire

3.13. Ecosystem Services

3.14. GCP

3.15. Infinte Earth

3.16. Rainforest Alliance

3.17. Sony Pictures a Greener World

3.18. South Pole

3.19. Stella McCartney

3.20. Paiter Surui

3.21. Terra

3.22. Wildlife Conservation Society

3.23. Wildlife Works

4. The importance of this movement is based on the fact that:

4.1. trees provide oxigen, which is indispensable to us

4.2. trees absorb carbon

4.3. trees "turn atmospheric CO2, water and sunlight into wood while producing the oxygen we breathe"

4.4. trees provide food

4.5. trees clean the water

4.6. thanks to trees we have wood that we use for:

4.6.1. furniture

4.6.2. keeping us warm during Winter by burning it

4.6.3. supplies (ex: school supplies)

4.7. trees provide habitat for animals

4.8. etc.

5. Consequences of desflorestation:

5.1. climate change

5.2. increase of CO2 levels

5.3. destruction of habitats

6. we can aid this cause and participate by

6.1. buyin a Stand for Trees Certificate

6.1.1. "A Stand For Trees Certificate is a unique form of verified, high-quality carbon credit that protects a specific endangered forest while offsetting one metric tonne of CO2 from entering the earth's atmosphere. " through the selling of these certificates, the communities gather the funds needed to train and aquire materials to protect their forest

6.2. sharing this information on social media

7. this movement exists since 2007

8. it's projects are selected according to the level of impact it will have on forest conservation and community

8.1. ex: "Bedell Guitars and Stand For Trees Team Up to Protect Threatened Brazilian Rosewood Forest"