The Murder On The Orient Express

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The Murder On The Orient Express by Mind Map: The Murder On The Orient Express

1. Russian Pricess

1.1. Close Relationship With Armstrong Family

1.2. GodMother Of Daisey Armstrong

1.3. Says Its Destiny That Ratchett Was Killed On Train

2. Hercule Poirot

2.1. Main Character

2.2. Belgium Detective

2.3. Suspects Debenham And Arbuthnot

3. M. Bouc

3.1. Train Company Executive

3.2. Friend of Poirot

3.3. Jumps Right To The Point

4. Mary Debenham

4.1. Beautiful Young Woman

4.2. Stressed About Missing Train, Once On, Relieved.

4.3. Heard Talking About A Plan With Arbuthnot

5. Col. Arbuthnot

5.1. Likes M. Debenham

5.2. Smokes A Pipe

5.3. Uses Same Pipe Cleaners Found In Dead Mans Compartment

5.4. Heard Talking About A Plan With Debenham

6. Wagon Lit Conductor

6.1. Moved From Room To Room

6.2. Had Access To All Rooms

6.3. Did Not Answer Hubbard's Room

7. Mrs. Hubbard

7.1. Scared Of Ratchett

7.2. Talks A Lot About Her Daughter

7.3. Thinks She Saw The Murderer

7.4. Found Conductors Uniform In Her Compartment

7.5. Who Is Her Daughter?

8. Samuel Ratchett (Dead)

8.1. Has Many Enemies Enemies

8.2. Lies Dead In Compartment W/ 12 stab wounds

8.3. Attempted Too Hire Hercule Poirot To Protect Him

8.4. Kidnapped And Killed A Little Girl

9. Hector MacQueen

9.1. Ratchett's Secretary

9.2. Suspects Mr. Hardman

9.3. Was In Mr. Hardmans Room At The Time Of The Murder

10. Dr. Constatine

10.1. The Doctor On The Orient Express

11. Murderer

11.1. Possibly A Woman

11.2. Possibly More Than One Person

11.3. Pink Dragon Kimono (Uknown)

11.4. Conductors Uniform (Found)

12. Daisey Armstrong (Dead)

12.1. Murdered In America

12.2. Murderer, Ratchett

13. Gretta Ohlsson

13.1. Swedish Lady

13.2. Last To See Ratchett Alive

13.3. Took Some Aspirin And Could Not Go To Sleep

14. Mr. Hardman

14.1. Typewriter

14.2. Undercover Detective (Possibly False)

14.3. Planned To Watch Ratchett At All Times

15. Hildegarde Schmidt

15.1. Russian Princesses's Maid

15.2. Keeps Princesses's Keys To Her Luggage

15.3. Was With The Princess At The Time Of The Murder

16. Everyone Is Connected To The Armstrong Family

16.1. Maid

16.2. Hardman

16.3. Arbuthnot

16.4. Debenham (Linda Arden)

16.5. Princess

16.6. Ohlsson

16.7. Hubbard

16.8. Wagon Lit Conductor