Creating a Republic

By Nicholas Vargas

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Creating a Republic by Mind Map: Creating a Republic

1. A Loose Confederation

1.1. Articles of Confederation

1.1.1. Pros Made quick State disputes No central government

1.1.2. Cons First constitution (meaning it still had its faults) Made Quick

2. Ratification and the Bill of Rights

2.1. Federalist

2.1.1. States had too much power

2.1.2. Functional government

2.2. Antifederalist

2.2.1. Too strong central government

2.2.2. Gave president too much power

3. Constitutional Convention

3.1. About

3.1.1. Meant to revise the A/C

3.1.2. Gathering of state representitives

3.2. No more revision New Constitution

3.2.1. Called for strong national government Virginia Plan Legislative would pass laws Executive would carry out laws Judicial would decide if laws would be carried out fairly New jersey plan Small states have same say as large states

4. Ideas Behind the Constitution

4.1. Examples

4.1.1. Roman Dictatorship was unacceptible

4.1.2. Magna Carta Monarchs had to follow laws Right to trail by jury

4.1.3. Bill of rights Protect rights of citizens Can not be in prison without being held to specific crime