Copy of Theories of Teaching in Language Teaching

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Copy of Theories of Teaching in Language Teaching by Mind Map: Copy of Theories of Teaching in Language Teaching


1.1. Skills in teaching

1.1.1. Monitor student's task

1.1.2. Understand the learning principles

1.1.3. develop task and activities based in learnig principles.

1.2. Approaches

1.2.1. Following a tested model of teaching Good teaching previous research logical reasosining

1.2.2. Doing what effective techers do efective teachers 1. Instruction is guided by a preplanned curriculum. 2. high expectations for student learning. 3. Students are carefully oriented to lessons. 4. Instruction is clear. 5. Learning progress is monitored closely. 6.retaught. 7. Class time is used for learning. 8. smooth and efficient classroom routines. 9. Instructional groups formed in the classroom . 10. Standards for classroom behavior are high. 11. interactions between teachers and students are positive. 12. Incentives and rewards are used to promote excellence.

1.2.3. Operationalizing learning principles Learning Principles Memory Transfer Motivation Behaviorism Learning training Research successful and Efective strategies of learners Audiolingualism Stimulus - answer -Reinforcement repetition. Task-Based Language Teaching, negotaiation of meaning with a speaker of the target language


2.1. Depend on the teacher's indvidual skill and personality

2.1.1. Essays / Articles

2.1.2. Books

2.2. good teaching is invention and personalization

2.2.1. Textbooks

2.2.2. Essays / Articles

2.2.3. Theses

2.3. Teacher desicion- making is a principal competency

2.4. Skills teaching

2.4.1. 1. Treat each teaching situation as unique.

2.4.2.  2. Identify the particular characteristics of each situation.

2.4.3.  3. Try out different teaching strategies.

2.4.4.  4. Develop personal approaches to teaching


3.1. Theory uderlying method

3.1.1. Rational thought

3.1.2. Reason

3.2. Defend themselves through logical argumentation.

3.3. Aprroaches

3.3.1. Theory-Based Approaches Silent Way New words spontaneously Communicative Language Teaching operationalize the concept of communicative competence from theory: 1. Design Program 2.Syllabus Design 3.teaching techniques.

3.4. skills in teaching

3.4.1. 1.Understand the theory and the principles.  2.Select syllabi, materials, and tasks based on the theory.  3.Monitor your teaching to see that it conforms to the theory.


3.5.1. essentially appeal to educational or social value systems in justifying their proposals

3.5.2. Approaches team teaching interact with another colleague help the teacher and students. humanistic approaches Develop humanistic values learner-centered curriculum students are self -directed Knowledge reflective teaching. The teacher can improve qualiti teachinng starting reflecting about own experiences.

3.5.3. Skills teachiing 1. Understand the values behind the approach.2. Select only those educational means which conform to these values.3. Monitor the implementation process to ensure that the value system is being maintained.