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Water by Mind Map: Water

1. Capillary Action

1.1. Cohesion-water stays together

1.1.1. Hydrogen Bonds between the molecules Surface Tension-Water pulls together and can hold light-weight things like insects and spiders

1.2. Adhesion-water pulls up against the force of gravity to move in narrow spaces

2. Solubility

2.1. Solute

2.1.1. ex. Salt Water

2.1.2. Salt is the solute it dissolves in the water

2.2. Solvent

2.2.1. ex. Salt Water

2.2.2. Water is the solvent and anything polar can dissolve in water

3. Eletronegativity

3.1. Polar Covalent Bonds

3.2. Electronegativity makes water a polar covalent molecule.

3.3. Water is Polar.

4. Heat Capacity

4.1. Water has a high heat capacity

5. Density

5.1. Depending o the water temperature the water can have different densities

6. Evaporative Cooling

6.1. When water boils it goes from a liquid to gas this is also a big part in creating clouds and rain