Defending Al

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Defending Al by Mind Map: Defending Al

1. He was sick

1.1. The sneezes were involuntary and he couldn't control them

1.2. The sneezes were unmediated and he didn't plan on having them

2. It was for his grandma

2.1. He needed a cup of sugar for his grandma's cake

3. The pigs were mean to him

3.1. The pig in the house of hay ignored him.

3.1.1. He didn't know anyone was in the hay house, so when he sneezed and blew it down he thought no one was in there.

3.2. The pig in the house of sticks refused to let him in.

3.2.1. The pig was shaving, so the hairs increased his sneezing. It wasn't his fault the pig was shaving.

3.3. The pig in the house of bricks insulted him.

3.3.1. The pig in the brick house said the wolf's grandma could get pricked by a pin, which aggravated the wolf.

3.3.2. The wolf was provoked to try to break into the brick house.