Poroits mystery

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Poroits mystery by Mind Map: Poroits mystery

1. A knife

1.1. Patches of what looks like rust

2. Murderer?

3. weapon in her room

3.1. Told everybody

3.2. she grabbed it so therer will be no fingerprints other than hers

4. Helena Goldenberg!!!!

4.1. Younger sister of The mother Armstrong!

5. Count Andreynia

6. Button found for a wagon lit conductor in Mrs.Hubbard's room

6.1. Doesn't belong to any of the Conductors

7. A women with a Kimono of scarlet with dragons on it near the crime.

8. A match that didn't belong to Ratchett

9. Gold watch (Cases serverly dented and show a quarter past one

10. Pipe cleaner found

10.1. Ratchett had no pipes or tobacco in his pockets

11. Said he last saw Ratchett around 10:00

12. Death a quarter past 1?

12.1. Alive during 1:37

13. Mary Hermione Debenham

13.1. British

13.2. Nanny

13.3. Going to England from Iraq

13.4. Saw the woman in the scarlet dress with a cap on

13.5. Direct and ordely

13.6. Starts to lose her temper on the subject of her transport and her reasons going somewhere

13.6.1. being very suspicious

13.7. Governess of the Armstrong family

14. Caroline Martha Hubbard

14.1. American

14.2. Loud mouthed

14.3. Talks about duaghter

14.4. Door wasn't bolted between her and Ratchet's room

15. Poirot

16. Ratchet

16.1. Rich

16.2. American

16.3. Mysterious

16.4. Dead

16.5. Stabbed around 10-15 places

16.6. Said he had a lot of enemies

16.7. He was named Cassette,kidnap and killed a little girl,named Daisy Armstrong, Resulting in 4 (you could say 5) deaths.

17. Col.Arbuthnot

17.1. Retired Colnol

17.2. Romantic intersest for MAry Debenham

17.3. smokes a pipe

17.4. Rather have a execution than vengance

17.5. Saw/sensed a woman (Scent of a perfume)

17.6. Saw the man in NO.16 Suddenly closed the door a bot odd

17.7. Same pipe cleaner as found

18. Greta Ohlsson

18.1. Said the door between Ratchet and Hubbard was bolted

18.2. Swedish

18.3. 49 years old

18.4. Had a young english lady with her

18.5. Says the door was bolted

18.6. lower berth No.10

18.7. Nurse for Daisy Armstrong

19. German Women

19.1. Middle aged

20. Princess Dragomiroff

20.1. Very Ugly

20.2. Very Rich

20.3. Very high Personality

20.4. God-mother of Ms.Armstrong

20.5. Doesn't know where Mrs.Armstrong's sister is

20.6. Said to Poirot something about destiny

21. Hungarian Couple

22. Hector Willard MacQueen

22.1. Works for Ratchett

22.2. Doesn't like Ratchett and distrusts him

22.3. Address in New York

22.4. Says he never knew ratchett was casseti

22.5. Talking with Arbuthnot, doing letters during the crime as he says

22.6. he says he saw a women going to a door to outside near the Dining area

22.7. Nervous wen being searched

23. Antonio Foscarelli

23.1. agent for Ford motor cars

23.2. Wants to tell everything

23.3. CAr person for Armstrong

24. English man

24.1. neat

24.2. Expressionless face of a well trained sefvant

25. Mr.Cyrum Bethum Hardman

25.1. American Detective pretending to be a travelling salesman for type writing ribbons

25.2. American

25.3. Ratchet sending him a letter for help

25.4. The person out to get ratchett he says is a small man dark with a womanish voice

26. the window in ratchet's room opened but no tracks out

27. The room locked on the inside

28. Claimed a figure in her room

29. stabs random

30. Said either woman or italian (stereotypical)

31. Relations with ratchett

31.1. Not surprised of his death

31.2. Doesn't seem to care of his employer's death

31.3. Doesn't know anything about Ratchett

31.4. Saw the threat letters of Ratchett

31.5. Glad of his death

32. Death threats

32.1. Something about Ratchett double crossing

32.2. Two or more people wrote it

32.3. letters are printed

32.4. Last one in the morning when they left Constantinople (what M.MacQueen says).

33. Murderer(s)?

33.1. Small man dark with a womanish voice?

33.1.1. Pretending to be a conductor?

34. Possoblilty to decieve people by making it seem as if the murderer fled out a window

34.1. No finger prints on the windows

35. Dead Body

35.1. Two stabs after Death?

35.2. Right handed and left handed stabs

35.3. Two murderers?

35.4. Drugged?

36. Pier Michell

36.1. First to find body

36.2. Wagon lit conductor

36.3. been employed for 15 years

36.4. Frenchman who lives near Calias

36.5. Bouc says he is respectable and honest

36.6. says he was sitting at his corridor and talking to his coleauge during the crime

37. Cambret found

37.1. Woman Involved?

38. A burnt note that says "-member little Daisy Armstrong."

39. False Evidence?

40. Went to bed just after dinner

40.1. His valet and his Secretary were in their

41. Edward Henry Masterman

41.1. the valet of Ratchett

41.2. Poured Ratchet his sleeping draught but didn't see him drink it

41.3. Last saw Ratchett around 9 o'clock or a little after

41.4. Knows Ratchett had enemies

41.5. A big Italian man was with him during the crime scene

41.6. Had a tooth ache and didn't sleep during the crime

41.7. Stays in No.4

42. Wagon lit conductor

43. Events

43.1. 9:15 train leaves Blegrade

43.2. around 9:40 Valet leaves Ratchett with sleeping draught

43.3. around 10:00 MacQueen leaves Ratchett

43.4. around 10:40 Greta sees ratchet (Last seen alive) awake reading a book

43.5. 0:10 Train leaves Vincovci (late)

43.6. 0:30 Train runs into snow drift

43.7. 0.:37 Ratchet rings bell. Conductor answers it and ratchet says it is nothing he made a mistake in french but doesn't know french

43.8. around 1:17 Mrs.Hubbard claims man in her compartment and ringed the bell

44. Linda Arden

44.1. Sister of Mrs.Armstrong

45. Kimono dress

45.1. Slim and tall

46. Hildegarde Schmidt

46.1. ran into a conductor who never ansewred a bell

46.2. Saw a conductor she had never seen before

46.3. Hesitated when asked if she knew where the handkerchief belonged to

47. Handkerchief

47.1. A lady's hankerchief

47.2. Initials H

47.3. From Paris?

48. Murder posibillities

48.1. 1. It was at a quarter past one

48.2. 2. Crime was committed earlier and the watch is fake

48.3. 3. Crime committed earlier and the evidenced faked

49. Wagon lit uniform

49.1. Probably had a key?