Indifine Aerticles A/AN

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Indifine Aerticles A/AN by Mind Map: Indifine Aerticles A/AN

1. An indefinite article indicates that its noun is not a particular one (or ones) identifiable to the listener. It may be something that the speaker is mentioning for the first time, or its precise identity may be irrelevant or hypothetical, or the speaker may be making a general statement about any such thing. English uses a/an, from the Old English forms of the number 'one', as its primary indefinite article.

2. ways to use the indefinite article a and an

2.1. A and AN is used to describe people and objects :

2.1.1. An umbrela: Un paraguas/. A book: Un libro /A woman: Una mujer.

2.2. Use A and AN front of professions ( differs from Spanish in the profession need not precede a or )

2.2.1. He is a lawyer. Él es un abogado. I am a doctor. Yo soy un doctor. She is an engineer. Ella es un ingeniero.

3. ways to use the indefinite article an

3.1. AN : it used before words beginning with a vowel

3.1.1. An elephant. Un elefante. An apple. Una manzana.

3.2. Tip: If the H is silent you will have to use An

3.2.1. an hour (una hora) a hospital (un hospital)

4. ways to use the indefinite article a

4.1. A: It is used before words beginning with a consonant

4.1.1. A car. Un automóvil. A table. Una mesa.

4.2. Tip: There are exceptions when words start writing with a vowel and consonant is pronounced with initials.

4.3. Use a to refer to something for the first time.

4.3.1. Would you like a drink? I've finally got a good job.

4.4. Use a with nationalities and religions in the singular

4.4.1. John is an Englishman. Kate is a Catholic.

4.5. Use a with the names of days of the week when not referring to any particular day.

4.5.1. I was born on a Thursday. Could I come over on a Saturday sometime?

4.6. Use a with singular nouns after the words 'what' and 'such

4.6.1. She's such a beautiful girl . What a lovely day !

5. Indeterminate or indefinite article in English is known as A and AN , and its meaning can be translated as one and one.

6. Both items mean the same and are invariable in gender and number , as it is used for both male to female and has no plural

7. In inglish no distinction between man and woman

8. article a/an

9. A/AN