Fast and stable robot

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Fast and stable robot by Mind Map: Fast and stable robot

1. Design

1.1. simple and light

1.1.1. do not add any useless pieces

1.1.2. Use little amount of bolts as we can

1.2. Organized/ Pretty

1.2.1. neat

1.2.2. no wires that sticking out

2. Programming

2.1. Able to rotate it's wheels

2.2. Able to process our commands

2.3. Use programming skills that is needed to make the robot to move

2.4. Able to go straight

2.5. Able to detect obstacles near

3. Materials

3.1. Three motors

3.2. two plat forms

3.3. three long bolts

3.4. four nuts

3.5. four long nuts

3.6. many short bolts

3.7. Four AA battery

3.8. One AA battery putting electric stand

3.9. three wheels

3.10. one little motor

3.11. many pieces to put on the small motor

3.12. arduino

3.13. Red arduino

3.14. many wires

3.15. Other possible materials that can be used while making the robot

3.15.1. Breadboard

3.15.2. crocodile clips

3.15.3. resistors

3.15.4. etc

4. Joshua Seo & Eric Kim