Schools of Literary Criticism

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Schools of Literary Criticism by Mind Map: Schools of Literary Criticism

1. Historical Criticism- Considers the time in which the work is written and set

2. Authorial Criticism- Considers the relevance of the Author's personal life on his or her work

3. Psychoanalytical Criticism- Considers how characters are motivated (sometimes subconsciously)

4. Feminist/Gender Criticism- Considers the gender role in a work

5. Marxist Criticism- Considers the role money or social status plays in a work

6. Cultural Criticism- Considers the importance of race/ethnicity in the story

7. Structural Criticism- Assumes that structures are always in place in literature

8. Deconstructive Criticism- Assumes there are no structures in place in literature

9. Reader response Criticism- Assumes that every reader is different and therefore approaches a text Differently