the article A/AN

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the article A/AN by Mind Map: the article A/AN

1. examples.

1.1. eu– ur–

1.2. a euro

1.3. un euro a uranium mine

1.4. una mina de uranio

1.5. a European country

1.6. un país europeo a uretic infection

1.7. una infección urético

1.8. a eucalyptus tree

1.9. un árbol eucalipto a urinal

1.10. un urinario

1.11. a eulogy

1.12. un elogio a urologist

1.13. un urólogo

2. They are and how to use the indefinite article (a / an)

2.1. The indefinite articles in English with a and n, which are translated into Spanish as one one. They are used to refer to something or someone in singular.

2.2. To learn properly use indefinite articles in English see their different rules and applications:

2.2.1. I bought a car Compré un coche

2.2.2. She saw an elephant. Vio a un elefante

2.2.3. They have an idea. Tienen una idea.

2.2.4. Do you have a pen? ¿Tienes un bolígrafo?

3. En general, el artículo indefinido a se usa en frente de un sustantivo (nombre) que comienza con una consonante . El artículo indefinido an se usa en frente de un sustantivo que cominenzan con una vocal . Sin embargo, hay algunas excepciones. Sustantivos que comienzan con eu– o ur– requieren el artículo indefinido a.

3.1. La parte más grande de substantivos y adjetivos que comienzan con uni- también toman el artículo indefinido a.

3.1.1. uni–

3.1.2. a unicorn

3.1.3. un unicornio

3.1.4. a uniform

3.1.5. un uniforme

3.1.6. a unit of measure

3.1.7. un unidad de medida

3.1.8. a university

3.1.9. una universidad

4. Atención, hay unos adjetivos que comiencan con uni- que sigue la regla general. an unidentified flying object (a UFO) un OVNI an unimportant call una llamada no importante an unintended result una resulta involuntaria an unintelligent person una persona sin inteligencia

4.1. Although these nouns beginning with a vowel sound is not pure. Beginners lead vocal sound - y. Therefore they require the indefinite article instead of an

5. In English, the letter H there are two ways. One way is drawn and require expulsion of air to pronounce it. It's like the letter J in Spanish (jalapeno, Jalisco). When a noun begins with an aspirated H, you have to use the indefinite article.

5.1. examples.

5.1.1. aspirada

5.1.2. a hat un sombrero

5.1.3. a helicopter un helicóptero

5.1.4. a house una casa

5.1.5. a human un humano

5.2. The inhaled form is not dumb and adds nothing to the pronunciation of the noun. Phonetically, it's like the H does not exist. This form is similar to the H in Spanish words hello or home. Then these nouns require an indefinite article.

5.2.1. examples. no aspirada an hour una hora an honest man un hombre honesto / honorado an honor un honor an herb una hierba

6. Note that all these nouns begin with ho- except herb in the English of England is drawn. The H unaspirate is very rare in English. These examples and their variations (honestly, honorably, herbalist, ect.) Represent all the words in English that use unaspirate H. In English, the indefinite article is needed in front of the professions.

6.1. examples.

6.1.1. He is a doctor. Es médico.

6.1.2. I want to be a lawyer. Quiero ser abogado.

6.1.3. Is she a student? ¿Es estudiante?

7. watch this video examples